Center for Global Studies at Shanghai University (CGS)

  Global Studies aims for an integrated, multidisciplinary and cross-cultural learning and research on the processes and effects of globalization, the global or transnational issues such as environmental degradation, food security, epidemic disease, drug trafficking, mass migration, identification, peace, conflict, global trade and economic linkages, and even spirituality. By analyzing global phenomena from economic, social, historical, environmental, cultural, biological, political, and other perspectives, Global Studies attempts to arrive at an understanding of the interrelationships among the world's cultures and civilizations, and to foster a global awareness that is so essential for bridging cultural, geographic, political and linguistic boundaries.
  The Center for Global Studies at Shanghai University is a member of Global Studies Consortium, an ever-growing group of graduate programs in global studies with more than 40 universities over the world seeking to collaborate in teaching and research.

  Research Areas
  1. Theories of Global Studies
  2.Globalization and Regional Development
   West Asia and North Africa Studies
   South Asia Studies
   Latin America Studies
   Globalization and China
  3. Global Issues
   Religion and Global Politics
   Drug Trafficking and Global Drug Control Policy
   Environment and Food Security Issues


  GUO Chang-gang  ZHANG Yong-an  ZHANG Yi-nong  Liu Yi  TANG Qing-ye

  ZENG Gui-e  ZHANG Jin-cui  SHEN Xiao-cui