China and Turkey in the global 21st Century:The 2nd China-Turkey Forum
Time:2013/9/7 22:21:46  Visited:7936

Dates: 7-9 of November

Venue: #2 New Lehu Building, Shanghai University

Organized by:

Center for Global Studies, Shanghai University

Center for Turkish Studies, Shanghai University

Confucius Institute, Bogazici University

Center for Asian Studies, Bogazici University


China and Turkey, two emerging actors located at both ends of the Asian Continent, are increasingly in the foreground of the global conversation with their rising influence at both regional and global level. But in the modern history, both Turkey and China have undergone a dramatic social transformation.  Mustafa Kemal led Turkey through the radical secularist campaign during the years of 1920s while China witnessed the rise of May 4th New Cultural Movement in the 1920s, and the Cultural Revolution from the mid-1960s to mid-1970s. Up till today in the age of globalization, National Identity has come to the fore for China and Turkey to reconsider their own traditional culture in relation to the tension with modernity. That matters not only to the social solidarity and stability for both countries but also to other countries and societies in the very process of transformation.

In 2012, on the occasion of China Culture Year in Turkey, colleagues from Bogazici University, Turkey and Shanghai University, China, collaboratively organized the conference ”Turkey and China at the crossroads of the global 21st Century ”. In this Turkey Culture Year in China 2013, we decided to continue to co-organize this joint conference at Shanghai University. While Chinese-Turkish relations are still the focus of the conference, sessions on the nature of social and political development trajectories of Turkey and China, such as Nation and Nationalism, Religion and Society, Turkey Mode and the post-Arab Spring situation are also welcome.

Forum agenda: PROGRAM--The 2nd China-Turkey Forum.pdf