MA Program for China Studies
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MA Program for China Studies




China Studies is an English-taught post-graduate program specially designed for international students. It is a sub-field of the multi-disciplinary Post-graduate Program of Global Studies (PPGS) at Shanghai University. The graduate students are expected to get a deep understanding about the economy, culture and society of China, especially social and political development of contemporary China by taking courses in History, Economics, Sociology, Philosophy, Language, Literature, Politics, etc.


Upon completion of the program, the graduate students should have a solid foundation of basic theories and required specialized knowledge and skills to conduct researches independently.






The Postgraduate Program of China Studies at Shanghai University is a cross-disciplinary one, whichinvolves History, Sociology and Economics. Students can get anMA Degree of History, or Sociology, or Economics.


1) Credits: 46Creditsin total


At least 46credits are needed to get a degree, among which 19 credits are from the compulsory courses, 24 are from the optional courses and 3 are from academic seminars.


2) Degree Requirements


l Publication

 At least one academic paper must be published (in English, Chinese, or mother language) during the period of study before the Degree is awarded.


l Course Requirements

To get a specific degree, students must take 5 relevant optional courses and complete a thesis in the specific discipline. For instance, to get a degree of History, students must take 5 history courses and complete a master’s thesisonhistory.


l Language of the Thesis 

The master’s thesis must be prepared in English with an extra Chinese abstract of about 1500 characters.


l Thesis Defense

After the successful oral defense and evaluation by the Academic Degrees Committee of the Shanghai University, the graduation certificate and a diploma of master degree of People’s Republic of China will be issued.





The required minimum time for the MA studentsof this programis 2.5 years, and the maximum time is five years.





The Postgraduate Program of Global Studies at Shanghai University is a cross-disciplinary onethatinvolves History, Sociology, Politics and Economics, which

allows students to take coursesthat covera variety of different fieldsin the context of globalization.

All the courses are taught in English.



1) Compulsory Courses

l Overview of China (3 credits)

l Chinese Language (6 credits)

l Theories of Global Studies (4 credits)

l China and Globalization (3 credits)

l Modern History of China (3 credits)



2)  Optional Courses


History Module

(1) Selected Readings on Chinese Classics (4credits)

(2) History of Ancient China (4credits)

(3) Religion and Chinese Society (4credits)

(4) Global History(6 credits)

(5) Politics, Economy and Society of Contemporary China (3 credits)

(6) Confucianism and Chinese Culture (3 credits)


Economics Module

(7) Econometrics (4credits)

(8) Micro Economics (5credits)

(9) Macro Economics (5credits)

(10) Chinese Foreign Trade (4credits)

(11) International Finances (3 credits)

(12) Theory and Policy of International Trade (3 credits)


Sociology Module

(13) Social Changesin Contemporary China: 1978 –Today (4credits)

(14) Cultural Diversities in Contemporary China: Religion, Ethnicity, and State (4 credits)

(15) Government, Law and Society in China (4credits)

(16) Social Stratification and Social Mobilityin Contemporary China (4credits)

(17) Changes of Labor Relation in China’sMarket Reform (4credits)

(18) Modern Social Work and Transformation of Chinese Society (4credits)


3) Academic Seminars(3 credits):


During the graduate studies, the graduate students shouldattend at least 30 lectures or talks on History, Economics, Sociology, Politics, and etc. so as to expand their knowledge scope and strengthen their capacity of conducting academic research.




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