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I. Monographs
Guo Changgang ed., “Globalization, values, and Pluralism: religion, faith and Cultural
Change in the era of globalization", Shanghai Joint Publishing Press, 2010 August.
II. Papers
1. “The Institutionalization of American Medical Association’s Drug Advertising Policy,",
in "Historical Science" 2010 December. (Zhang Yongan)
2."Drug Trafficking from North Korea: Implications for China Policy”, Brooking Northeast Asia
Commentary, November, 2010. (Zhang Yongan)
3."From Christian Aliens to Chinese Citizens: The National Identity of Chinese Christians in the Twentieth
Century”, Studies in World Christianity, Vol. 16:2 (August, 2010), pp.145-168. Edinburgh, UK: Edinburgh University
 Press. (Liu Yi)
4.“On Family, Work, Money, and Morals: Intergenerational Value Differences in China”,
Chinese Journal of Sociology, 2010. Vol. 30(4):118-142.(Yuan Hao)
5. "From Global History to Global Studies: The Deepening of a Comprehensive Study of
 Global Problems, in "China Social Science Report ", July 29, 2010. (Guo Changgang)
6. "Religion and Global Governance: a comparison of Inter-religious Perspective",
in "Study of World Religions," 2010, No. 3. (Liu Yi)
7. " Social Transformation and the Reconstruction of Moral Order: Religious and Moral
Philosophy in the Era of Globalization ", in "Building Harmony: Science, Religion and
Development Symposium, " New Century International Press (Macau) in March 2010.
 (Guo Changgang)
8. "Faith and Violence : The General Theory of Religious Terrorism, ""Religious Studies"
 2010 3. (Liu Yi)
9. "Global Religious Revival and Religious Politics: a Religious Sociological Overview",
Literature, History and Philosophy. 2010 (1).
 (excerpted by "China Social Science Report, " February 2, 2010) (Liu Yi)
10. "Northeast China’s Political Mechanics and the Communist Party’s National Policy",
Mongolorum Questiones Disputatae, 2010, No.1. (Haribala)
11. "Cold War, Drugs and America’s Imagination of New China", "China Social Science
 Report, "January 29, 2010. (Zhang Yongan)
III. Conference Papers
1. "Church and State: a Comparative Historical Perspective, ""Religion and Chinese Society "
(December16-17, 2010), Shanghai Academy o of Religion& Religious Department of Shanghai
 Social Sciences Institute (Guo Changgang)
2. "Beyond Colonialism? House Church in Urban Areas of China", "Shanghai • Urban
Inspiration, " International Symposium (6-7 November 2010), Shanghai University
 (Guo Changgang)
3. " Religion and Religious Pluralism in a Globalized Era" Annual Meeting of American
Academy of Religion,(October29-11 to Nov 1), the United States • Atlanta
(Guo Changgang)
4."Bible and Colonialism: the Case of China”, Annual Meeting of American Academy of Religion,(October29-11 to Nov 1), the United States • Atlanta (Guo Changgang)
5."Happiness in Bust: A case for anomie in China”, the 8th East Asian Sociologists’ Conference (Oct. 29-31, 2010), Busan, Korea(Yuan Hao)
6. " The Price of Maintaining Stability: Another Viewpoint of Augustus Political Heads,"
Ancient World Society of China (September17-18, 2010) • Liaocheng, Shandong (Guo Changgang)
7. "Identity, Power and Violence  the Triple Logic of Global Religious Politics, "on
"Globalization and Religious Pluralism, " International Symposium (August15-18, 2010),
Nanjing University (Yi Liu)
8."A Rebellion, or Revolutionary? -- -- Religious Violence Problems in the Global Era ",
the seventh religious social science annual meeting and Sino-U.S.-E.U. young teachers
 training on religious sociology (July 28,2010  - Aug. 12), Renmin university of China (LiuYi)
9. "From Secularization to Globalization: A Study of Robertson’s Religious Sociology Theory",
 " Religion and Modernity in an Era of Globalization " International Academic Seminar
(June 2010 5-10) Fudan university (LiuYi)
IV. The research project
1. “Cross-border Drug Trafficking of Asian Origins: Implications for China-U.S. Counternarcotics Cooperation,” Brookings Institution Northeast Asian Policy Research
Center for International Cooperation Projects, August-December, 2010. (ZhangYongAn)
2. "The Cold War and the Establishment of the Global Drug Control System", CSC projects
(with Professor David F. Musto of Yale University, co), September 2009- August, 2010
(Zhang Yongan)
3. " The Soul of fundamentalism": a Comparative Study of Christian and Islamic
Fundamentalism, Humanities and Social Science Fund, Ministry of Education Youth
Project,2010-2012. (Liu Yi)
4. Data Collection and Translation of Japanese File on the Tibet Issue: Take Japanese
 "Asian Historical data center" as a Platform (commissioned by 2010 National
Social Science Fund Project - Bid Project (Hari Bala)
5. "Social Support Network and the Dynamic Interaction Model of Mental Health
 Research: an Example of Shanghai White-collar Immigrant Groups", 2010,
Shanghai Pujiang Program (Yuan Hao)
6.Encyclopedia of Global Religion, Editor: Roof, Wade Clark & Juergensmeyer, Mark, SAGE Publications, 2009-2011(Guochang Gang involved)
V. Awards and Honors
1, Associate Professor Zhang Yongan
a) His Monograph " Policy Options in Social Change: U.S. Marijuana Policy Research " won
 the First Prize of the Tenth Shanghai Philosophy and Social Science Research
Excellence Award among Book category.
b) His paper “Industry Interests and Public Welfare Win-win Situation: American Medical
Association and the Federation of Drug Administration” won Second Prize among Paper
2, Professor Zhang Yinong
 a) In 2010 he was awarded as Distinguished University Professor of Shanghai: the
 "Oriental scholar "
b) In 2010 he was invited by German Max Planck Institute for Ethnic and Religious Studies
as a guest researcher
 c) In 2010, he was invited by UNESCO to join the editorial board of UNESCO publication
VI. Academic Conference
1.Urban Aspiration: Shanghai, Nov. 6-7, Shanghai (Zhang Yinong)
2.Globalization and Religious Pluralism, Aug. 15-15, Nanjing & Shanghai (Guo Changgang)
3. "Religious Activism and Secular State," Graduate Workshop, August 19-23, 2010 (Guo Changgang)

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